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Make RSS Feeds

Step by Step Make RSS Feeds

Everyday more and more websites, news services and blogs are adding RSS content. RSS is a method of syndicating content.The concept of aggregating content in one central location or repository is very appealing. Consumers have become tired of push technology, RSS allows users the flexibility to regain control of their content. RSS feed creators provide content without forcing it on consumers. In fact with RSS consumers are able to choose the content they wish to view.

How to Make an RSS Feed

RSS feeds contain what are referred to as "items". The items are usually connected in some way and contain a common theme or other similarity.

The following feed http://www.notepage.net/feed.xml contains items. The items are all SMS and paging related news articles that would likely benefit someone interested in the wireless market.

Each item contains:

  • title
  • description
  • link

The title and description should be written to describe the content and the link should reference the webpage that contains that actual content.

Like html, the xml file uses open and close tags to designate the title, description and link. Tags are enclosed in brackets <>, like standard html and the close tag contains a forward slash /.

Step 2 Making an RSS Feed

walks through steps to make an RSS feed
walks through steps to make an RSS feed


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