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RSS Warning

If you create the file using Dreamweaver or a similar tool becareful that it does not strip out tags it feels are redundant. In order to be be an RSS feed your file needs at bare minimum that tags that were discussed above, and the file will not be valid if tags are stripped out.

If you want to use a tool to ease the process of RSS feed creation take a look at FeedForAll.

As my math teacher use to say, check your work! Once your file is complete and uploaded enter it into the feed validator at http://feedvalidator.org
Syndication / Submission

If you've made it this far you are in good shape it is time to "syndicate" your content! Submit your RSS feed (the xml file you created) to sites just like you would submit a web page. Some of the more popular sites that accept RSS files can be found under on RSS Specifications.


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Script to create RSS feeds from SQL databases SQL2RSS

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