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What do Tags Mean (step 2)

If you find creating a feed by hand difficult consider using FeedForAll as it will create all of the tags for you!

Sub Channel Elements - Image <image></image>

Title of the image
example - Make RSS Feeds
tag - <title></title>

description Describes the image (similar to an alt tag in html)
example - rss feed creation
tag - <description></description>
url The url to the graphic on a website
example - http://www.make-rss-feed.com/rss.gif
tag - <url></url>
width The weight of the image (maximium is 144)
example - 120
tag - <width></width>
height The height of the image (maximum is 400)
example - 120
tag - <height></height>
link The url of the website if the image is clicked
example - http://www.make-rss-feed.com
tag - <link></link>
Contents of Image tag based on above:

<title> Make RSS Feeds</title>
<description>rss feed creation</description>

step 3 RSS Tags





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