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What do Tags Mean

RSS like HTML, uses tags in brackets <> to define its contents. In an RSS feed, most fields are optional, others are not. The following guide will assist you in determining which tags are valid, and what the content of tags should contain. If you find creating a feed by hand difficult, consider using FeedForAll as it will create all of the tags for you!

Required Channel Elements <channel></channel>

The name of the channel similar to the title of a website or web page.
example - Make RSS Feeds
tag - <title></title>

link The url to the html website
example - http://www.make-rss-feed.com
tag - <link></link>
description The phrase or sentence describing the content of the entire feed.
example - Details RSS feed creation in a step by step fashion
tag - <description></description>
Optional Channel Elements
These tags are not required but can be added to enhance the RSS feed.

The publication date for the content in the channel. The date must confirm to RFC 822 format
example - Aug, 22 2004 00:12:30 EST
tag - <pubDate></pubDate>

lastBuildDate The date the feed was last updated.
example - Aug, 22 2004 00:12:30 EST
tag - <lastBuildDate></lastBuildDate>
language The language the channel is written in. List of language formats.
example - en-us
tag - <language></language>
copyright Copyright notice for content in feed.
example - Copyright 2004, NotePage, Inc.
tag - <copyright></copyright>
webmaster Email address for individual responsible for technical issues related to the feed
example - webmaster@notepage.net
tag - <webMaster></webMaster>
managingEditor Email address for individual responsible for editorial content
example - webmaster@notepage.net
tag - <managingEditor></managingEditor>
category Category or categories that the channel's contents fit.
example - newspapers
tag - <category></category>
generator Program used to generate the channel
example - feedforall
tag - <generator></generator>
ttl Time to live indicates the amount of time (in minutes) that indicates how long a channel should be cached before refreshing from the source.
example - 120
tag - <ttl></ttl>
docs An url that points to the documentation of the RSS format used in the feed.
example - http://blogs.law.harvard.edu/tech/
tag - <docs></docs>
Contents of Channel tags based on above:
<title> Make RSS Feeds </title>
<description> Details RSS feed creation in a step by step fashion </description>
<link> http://www.make-rss-feeds.com </link>
<pubDate> Aug, 22 2004 00:12:30 EST </pubDate>
<lastBuildDate> Aug, 22 2004 00:12:30 EST </lastBuildDate>
<language> en-us </language>
<copyright> Copyright 2004, NotePage, Inc.</copyright>
<webMaster> webmaster@notepage.net </webMaster>
<managingEditor> webmaster@notepage.net </managingEditor>
<category> newspapers </category>
<generator> feedforall </generator>
<ttl> 120 </ttl>
<docs> http://blogs.law.harvard.edu/tech </docs>

step 2 RSS Tags

understand the meaning of rss tags
understand the meaning of rss tags




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